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Top 5 Mishaps From Using Airport Parking Lots

Learn the top 5 most common airport parking lot stress-inducers

Trust us, we know: Traveling isn’t easy. And it can only become more difficult when you make the wrong choice regarding where you park your vehicle upon arriving at the airport. There’s a good chance one of the many common mishaps that afflict airport parking lot users will hamper your travel experience, too.

While there are a multitude of things that can go wrong when using one of the massive public airport parking lots located on airport grounds, there are several foibles that stand out among the rest. So, with that in mind, the top 5 most common airport parking lot stress-inducers are:

  1. 1 The lot is full when you arrive.

    When you use a public airport parking lot, there’s no guarantee there will be a spot there waiting for you when you arrive. That’s a huge, heartburn-causing risk to take when planning a trip, especially if you are traveling late at night or early in the morning, when it is difficult to find assistance on the fly. And it’s the last snag you want to deal with if you’re tight on time and hurrying to catch a plane.

  2. 2 Vehicular accidents inside the lot.

    Airport parking lots can be cramped, disorganized and confusing. Not to mention, drivers operating their vehicles inside the lot may be rushed, tired, stressed, etc. What does that mean? Well for starters, there’s a heightened risk of vehicular accidents, including for immobile cars that are already parked and can be hit by others in the lot. It almost goes without saying that getting into an accident in the lot just as you’re about to board your plane would be a trip killer. But it wouldn’t be much better to land at your home airport and discover—after a long day of travel—that someone hit your car while you were out of town.

  3. 3 Slipping and falling.

    Ok, so you’ve managed to make it to the airport parking lot, and you’ve even found a parking spot. Hooray! But now, you’ve got to physically get you and your luggage to the terminal. This may not be so cut and dry, especially in places where the weather doesn’t cooperate. One of the most common injuries reported at airports are people slipping and falling, and the parking lot—which may be wet or full of ice and snow, depending on the location—is a prime place to take a tumble, especially if you and your suitcase are making a mad dash to the gate.

  4. 4 Your car is undriveable when you return.

    Another mishap that can put a real damper on your homecoming after a tiring trip is to arrive at the parking lot and find your car is not in road-worthy condition, when all you want to do is head home and relax. Maybe your battery is dead and the car won’t start, or perhaps you arrive to discover a flat tire. Maybe your inspection expired while you were gone, and the car is no longer street-legal. Whatever the issue, it’s not a situation you want to have to deal with.

  5. 5 Your car is stolen/robbed/vandalized.

    The massive size of many public airport parking lots, paired with the relatively minimal security typically encountered in these lots, means there’s a significant risk that your car can become the target of criminals while you are away. This could mean outright theft of your car, but also lesser crimes like the theft of your personal belongings from inside the vehicle, the stripping of parts from your vehicle for resale, and random destruction and vandalism of the car. Among all the common airport parking mishaps, this one has got to be the worst, and will make you wish your vacation was permanent.

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