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5 Reasons Off-Season Travel is Worth Considering

Summer and vacation seem inseparable. They're like sun and sand, surf and turf… peanut butter and jelly!

Or are they?

Yes, sometimes it's just easier to travel in the summer – the kids aren't in school, everyone else is doing it, and there aren't any major family holidays. But easier doesn't necessarily mean summer travel is better. We've come up with a few reasons why you should consider booking off-season travel.

All-inclusive package deals offer more for your money during the off-season.

Discount and all-inclusive travel sites often offer dirt-cheap deals for four- and five-star resorts during the off-season that include round-trip airfare, hotel, and food. Be smart about hurricane season and get travel insurance, but definitely consider traveling to the Caribbean or Central America during the winter months when it will be warm, sunny, and far less crowded.

Off-season travel is just generally cheaper.

Even if you aren't looking for a package deal to an all-inclusive, flights are less expensive, hotels are less expensive, and food is often less expensive during the off-season, even at domestic destinations. What's not to love about a cheap(er) vacation? Plus, wouldn't you love to come back to work with a subtle glow after a week in the Gulf... in February?

Tourist spots are less crowded.

Many places are not only absolutely beautiful in the fall or winter, they're also far more comfortable. Take Washington D.C., for example. Notoriously hot, sticky, and swarming with tourists during the summer, D.C. is far more pleasant to visit in the fall. With warm days perfect for touring the monuments and cool nights spent checking out some of the best restaurants in the nation, you won't regret pulling the kids out of school for some quality personal time with history.

Your Instagram will thank you.

Why fill your feed (and your memories) with the same pictures everyone else is taking? Many summer vacation destinations are just as (if not more) beautiful during the off-season. Fewer tourists and less expensive travel mean you can enjoy the off-season even more than you would traveling at the height of summer!

Send your kids back to school with summer camp stories and a vacation to look forward to.

Most of us travel during summer because it's the easiest time to vacation with our children without disrupting their schooling. But with so many great summer camps offering both interest-specific programs and age-appropriate, supervised summer fun in the outdoors, your kids won't even miss their weekend at the beach (and you get a couple weeks staycation). Take a few long weekend trips in the fall, instead - maybe to national parks - or even spend part of winter vacation somewhere warm! This will give everyone something to look forward to when fall semester is getting a little long.

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