Off-Season Travel Tips | How to Save Money on Travel

Vacations can get expensive, but they don’t have to be. Traveling during the off-season typically means cheaper airfare, cheaper hotels and less crowds, and it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the fun or even the sun. Check out these expert tips for off-season travel.

Take a Cruise During Hurricane Season
It might sound crazy, but despite popular belief, June to November is not necessarily a bad time to take a Caribbean cruise. While you may encounter a storm, unlike resorts, a cruise ship can change course to avoid nasty weather, often re-routed to an unaffected island of port. If you can be flexible with itinerary changes, you’ll benefit from cheaper rates and fewer crowds.

Go to Disney in November
November in Florida is still warmer than Albany, and the hotels are up to 50% cheaper than if you travel during peak times. Many resorts offer extra perks, such as a free round of golf or spa treatment, as well. Plus, it’s a great month to visit the amusement parks, not only are they less crowded, but they really get into the Christmas spirit. Just be sure to avoid Thanksgiving week.

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Travel During the Rain

Get Wet During the Rainy Season
If you want to sun yourself on the beach, the monsoon season may not be for you, but rain doesn’t matter when you’re already wet. If you like surfing, white water rafting, kayaking, snorkeling or scuba diving, you could save a bundle on travel to tropical locations. Plus, storms usually pass quickly, yielding bright sunlight and beautiful waterfalls. Travel during the rainy season and take advantage of cheaper rates in exotic locales, including Bali, the Philippines and Thailand.

Head West in the Fall
While Colorado’s ski resorts are a big draw in the winter, you can expect to pay higher rates on everything from flights to hotels. If you still want to experience the mountains, consider swapping out your skis for a pair of hiking boots. Between September and October you’ll enjoy mild temperatures, not much rain and plenty of sunshine. Plus, there are fewer crowds, bargain rates and the foliage is fantastic.

Use Valet Parking in the Winter
One of the drawbacks to flying out of Albany during the winter, is trekking through the snow covered airport parking lot when you return, only to find your car has been completely snowed in. Instead of packing a shovel, consider using an off-site valet parking service, such as Albany Park Ride Fly. Not only do we provide on-demand shuttle service from your terminal to your car, but we’ll even warm-up your car for you and provide a jump if your battery dies.  Learn more about our Albany airport parking, call (866) 922-7275or reserve a parking spot for your next trip.

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