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Staying Safe in an Airport Parking Lot

Staying safe should be a top priority for anyone traveling alone or with children. From the beginning of your trip, when you’re parking your car, to the end of your trip when you are retrieving your car, there are things you can do to minimize the dangers of an airport parking lot. Parking lots can be poorly lit, poorly secured and poorly monitored, making it an ideal place for crime. In fact, 25% of rapes take place in a parking garage which is compelling enough to make a real plan for parking your car.

Follow these tips to minimize the dangers of an airport parking lot.

Know your surroundings.

Be aware that parked cars can provide a hiding spot for predators. They provide a cover for them to hide behind or under as they wait for a victim to return to their car.

Stay alert.

Do not listen to music and do not talk or text on your cell phone while you are walking to your car. Continuously scan the area and path to your vehicle by looking around and staying attentive.

Carry a weapon.

Pepper spray, mace, a whistle or personal security alarm or even your own set of keys can all provide a distraction or be used as a weapon should you need to protect yourself or retreat from a dangerous situation.

Do not engage in conversation with strangers or anyone acting odd in a parking lot.

You’d rather hurt someone’s feelings by ignoring someone, being cold or acting impolite than becoming a victim of a crime because you stopped to help or answer a question.

Do not use the stairs or elevators.

Both these locations provide an opportunity for a predator to get you isolated and away from escape routes. By walking the aisles, you are visible, you can stay aware and you have an escape if you need one.

Write down your parking space.

When you park your car, make sure you write down the number and location of your spot or snap a photo with your phone. If you forget where you are parked, you increase the need to wander the lot looking lost and delaying your safety.

Don’t become a victim or a statistic.

With Albany Park Ride & Fly, we provide a safe alternative to the parking lot. Our off airport parking garages or lots eliminate the need for you to deal with a poorly lit parking lot. Our parking is secure, fenced in, well lit and has 24 hour surveillance.

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