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Twenty Tips to Travel Like a Pro

Is your upcoming trip to the airport stressing you out? Whether you're a frequent or first-time flyer, we can all use tips to make flying and air travel easier and more enjoyable. From speeding through security to getting your meal first on the flight, follow these 20 Travel Tips so you can travel like a pro:

1.    Hate crowded airports? Airports are statistically less crowded mid-week, especially Tuesdays and Wednesdays. These flights also tend to be cheaper, too!

Security Check Point

2.    Avoid paying for overweight luggage fees by investing in a portable weight checker. This is especially helpful when you're packing all your new souvenir purchases for your return flight.

3.    Did the airline check-in find your luggage overweight? Before you pay the fee, see what you can take out. Try packing heavier items in your carry on, swapping your footwear, or layer clothing to cut down on weight.

4.    Tired of waiting in security lines? Sign up for the TSA PreCheck program to help save valuable time lost waiting in line. On average, TSA PreCheck members wait 5 minutes or less! Simply apply online, get fingerprinted, and you're on your way to boarding quickly!

5.    The top four items left at security checks are glasses, belts, boarding passes, and cell phones. Make sure you all four of these before you leave security.

6.    Don't be left without a form of identification if your passport gets lost or stolen keep a photocopy of all important documents with you in case of emergency.

7.    Traveling internationally? Make sure you inform your bank before you depart. If you don't, your card may get blocked for fraud concerns.

8.    If you're using a mobile boarding pass, take a screenshot of it on your phone rather than relying on the airport's spotty Wi-Fi to load when you're checking in or boarding.

9.    Long layover? Head to an empty gate for some peace and quiet and enjoy the extra seating and power outlets.

10.    To avoid having to pay for the airport's overpriced bottled water, bring an empty bottle in your carry on and refill it at a drinking fountain.

11.    Don't want to waste a day traveling? Red-eye flights let you sleep during the night, so when you arrive at your destination in the morning you're refreshed and ready to take on the day!

12.    If you have carry-on luggage, board early to get room at the overhead compartment near your seat, otherwise you may be separated from your luggage.

13.    Was your flight just cancelled? Rather than rushing the counter, call the airline's customer service number to speak to a representative quicker.

14.    Those with dietary restrictions are served their meals first on airplanes. Want to get your meal early? Order the vegetarian or kosher dining option and your stomach will be full well before the last passenger is served.

15.    Tired of paying for pricey on-flight booze? Many people don't realize you can bring your own alcohol on the plane, as long as it is under 3 oz and in a quart-sized plastic bag. Before your next flight, stock up on tiny bottles of your favorite alcohol for on-flight cocktails.

16.    No on-flight Wi-Fi? Some video apps like Netflix and YouTube Red allow you to download content to your mobile or tablet device for later viewing. The Pocket app also lets you save webpages so you can read them later.

17.    If you're looking to get your bag first at baggage claim, try placing a Fragile sticker on you luggage these are usually loaded last onto the plane last and removed first.

18.    Can't recognize your luggage? Invest in a vibrant luggage identifier strap or tie ribbon around the handle to help you pick your bag out form a crowd.

19.    Prevent lost luggage with Trakdot, a luggage tracking device you put inside your luggage that syncs with your smartphone. If you bag didn't show up at baggage claim in New York, Trakdot is showing it in Los Angeles, you can go directly to an airline rep to make arrangements.

20.    Tired of the hassle of airport parking? Albany's Park Ride & Fly makes airport parking as quick and easy as possible. With our competitive parking rates, free shuttle service, and luggage assistance, we take the stress out of airport parking so you can focus on your trip ahead.

Congratulations! You're officially a travel expert now. Remember these twenty travel tips and hacks to help make your next flight more enjoyable! To make a guaranteed reservation for parking at Albany Park Ride Fly, click the red button below.

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