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Albany Airport Parking Tips for Winter Travel

Planning a trip during the winter? We'd like to take the stress out of your airport travel (even if it's not for a vacation). We've seen the best of winters and the worst of winters (where cars are buried, schools are closed, and flights are cancelled). Here are some winter parking tips when you have to leave your car at the airport.

Airport Parking During Snowy Weather

Strategic Parking
Choose a parking spot you will remember. If you cannot choose, be sure to remember where you parked. Better yet, text a friend the info and look back at that text when you arrive home. Also, back into the parking spot if possible. It makes it easier to pull out, especially in the snow.

Prep and Supplies
Fuel up so that condensation doesn't get into the gas tank. Perform basic maintenance checks – oil and washer fluid levels as well as air pressure. Keep warm gear in the car – gloves, hat, scarves, and boots. Keep an ice scraper and small shovel handy. If you have to shovel yourself out, you'll be prepared with the tools and will stay safe and warm at the same time. If you park with Albany Park Ride & Fly, we will ensure your car is clear from the snow and ready to run when you return.

Parking at Albany Airport
The airport parking lots fill up quickly and don't offer much to a customer. If you fly with a private parking service, such as Albany Park Ride & Fly, they will ensure your vehicle is ready to drive away instead of covered in snow and unable to start. We will keep your vehicle clean and cleared of snow. You'll be happy knowing the car will start when you need it to.  

Flying out of Albany International Airport this winter? Consider parking at Albany Park Ride & Fly. Our hassle-free shuttle directly to your airline, secure parking areas, and helpful staff will take the unneeded worry out of your travel. Book your reservation online today or call us at 518-869-8200.


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