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Parking at Albany Airport | FAQ

FAQs about Parking at Albany Airport

1. How do I book my parking at Albany Airport?

With Albany Park Ride Fly, booking a prepaid parking spot is simple. You can reserve your parking spot in two different ways: by making a reservation online or by calling us directly.

To make a reservation online, simply launch our secure reservation engine by selecting the Book Now button from the tab labeled "Parking Rates". You can also enter your desired dates from our home page. Once you have launched our reservation engine, the engine will take you through each step of the process until the parking spot is reserved. Once this process is complete, you will have one less worry as you prepare for departure from Albany International Airport!

Book airport parking reservations

If you would rather talk to one of our agents directly, just call us toll-free at 1-518-918-5036 (7275) and we will be glad to help you book your parking spot.

2. What types of parking are available?

Albany Park Ride Fly offers convenient valet parking. Learn more

3. Is tax included in the price listed online?

The prices on our website do not include tax and are subject to all applicable taxes.

4. Are additional discounts available when I book online?

Our online rate represents the lowest price available but we do promotions throughout the year. Once you make a reservation online at your email is in our system. You will receive our special promotions and discounts through your email address.

5. Albany Airport ParkingWill you charge my credit card immediately?

In order to guarantee your space, your credit card will be charged at the time you make your reservation. To receive a full refund upon cancellation, please be sure to give us at least 24 hours' notice.

6. What time should I arrive to Albany Intl. Airport to park my vehicle?

Please arrive at the parking facility approximately 15 minutes before you wish to be inside the airport. (Do not wait until 15 minutes before your flight departs). For a faster check-in, please bring your keys with you to the front counter.

If you will be parking in one of our self-park locations, arriving 15 minutes before you need to be inside Albany Airport is still recommended. In this case, however, you should keep your keys with you until you check out.

7. How do I check in when I'm ready to park?

The cashier at Albany Park Ride & Fly will be able to pull your reservation up in their system. Once you are checked in, you will leave your keys with our staff. A shuttle driver will help you transport your luggage to the airport.

8. Do I need to bring my online reservation receipt if I prepaid?

If you paid on line you do not need to bring your online voucher with you, we have a copy of it in our computer system. You will be charged in addition only if you park your car longer than your pre paid reservation.

9. What if I forget my voucher?

If you forget to bring your voucher to the facility, please let us know at check in that you made an online reservation. We will have a copy in our system.

10. What if I am not able to print my voucher?

No problem, just make sure that you mention at check in that you made an online reservation. We will have a copy in our system.

11. How far is the parking lot from the airport?

Albany Park Ride Fly is located only 1 mile from Albany International Airport. Arriving 15 minutes before you need to be inside the airport is still recommended, but most customers are able to reach their departing terminal in 10 minutes or less.

12. How frequently do your shuttle buses travel to and from the airport?

Our shuttle buses run on demand. As soon as you are ready to leave the parking lot, a shuttle bus will be waiting to transport you to the airport.

13. Is Parking at Albany Airport safe and secure?

Albany Park Ride Fly provides 24-hour security to ensure that our customers' vehicles are kept safe and secure at all times. Our parking lots are also well-lit for additional protection.

14. What should I do when I am ready to pick up my vehicle?

When you return from your trip, please proceed to the baggage claim area. While you are waiting for your bags, call or send a text message to the number on the claim check ticket you received when you checked in. After you have collected your bags, look for our bus outside of the baggage claim area or at the location indicated on your claim check ticket.

15. How long will I wait for the bus when I return?

Our bus should be ready to take you back to the parking lot shortly after you have claimed your luggage. To expedite the process, contact us as soon as you have reached the baggage claim area.

16. I need to change my reservation. What should I do?

It is not currently possible to change your reservation online. If you need to make changes, call us toll-free at 1-518-918-5036 (7275) as soon as possible.

17. I need to cancel my trip. What should I do?

For all cancellations with a 24 hour notice please use the link in your email receipt, If you do not have a 24 hour notice please call our customer support line at 518-918-5036. We will be able to expedite any appropriate refunds.

18. Do you have a cancellation fee?

No. We understand travel plans change, sometimes out of your control! Unlike our competitors, we let our customers cancel without a fee. So have the peace of mind the next time you reserve your parking ahead of time with Albany Park Ride Fly knowing that you can cancel free of charge if your travel plans change.

19. How do I make sure that I receive emails from Albany Park Ride Fly?

To make sure that you always receive our emails, please add Albany Park Ride Fly to your "safe senders" list.

20. What if I can't find the answer to my question?

If you have a question or concern that was not addressed in our FAQ, please contact us at 1-866-922-PARK (7275). You can also email your questions or concerns to [email protected].

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